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Thief: The Dark Project PC Digital cover

Thief: The Dark Project PC Digital

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Thief is a first-person stealth game that likes the dark. You sneak through the ruins of haunted cathedrals, subterranean ruins, and forbidding prisons, in a dark and sinister city - heavily inspired by Steampunk and the Dark Ages. Garrett finds an ally in the shadows, as he steals for money and uncovers the hidden agendas of allies and enemies. The story that unravels is one of deception and revenge.

Key Features

  • Move unseen through the dark and sneak silently past enemies as you use Garrett’s extraordinary stealth abilities to make The City your own.
  • Discover the secrets of The City as you infiltrate its buildings, navigate its streets and peer into the private lives of its inhabitants.
  • Earn gold as you pick pockets, solve cunning mechanical puzzles and lift precious jewels from right under the noses of The City’s wealthiest citizens.
  • Thief: Master Thief Edition contains a digital art book, comic book and soundtrack. Playable DLC including The Bank Heist mission, The Forsaken challenge map and three booster packs, is available separately via Steam.
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